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  • OTC drug listing and 10-digit NDC Labeler code assignment are the next steps after establishment registration. Over the counter drugs or OTC
  • FDA Registration of OTC drugs or Over the Counter Drugs are products that are available without a prescription. Any Drug establishment, domestic
  • US FDA Regulation on Breast Pumps 1
    There are three common types of breast pumps found in the market worldwide. Manual Breast Pumps Battery-powered Breast Pumps Electric Breast Pumps
  • FDA Consultants for Medical Device
    Medical gloves are mainly used to protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of infection or illness during medical procedures
  • FDA Registration of Wheelchair 3
    Most appropriate code is KNN and it is 510(k) exempted devices.                   KNN  
  • Ophthalmic Device FDA Registration 4
      OPHTHALMIC DEVICES ( Non-active Class I devices)   Ophthalmic devices are designed to prevent and potential eye damage, disease or any

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