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Location: Bangalore
Designation: Sr. Associate and Lead
Department: Medical Device Clinical Evaluation Report Documentation
Purpose of the Document: The below document helps employee to understand the working patter and job requirements for home based regulatory consulting service and also it helps employer to understand willingness and commitment from the employee.

1 I am herby giving the consent to collect the below information for review and background verification.
2 Department : IT
3.1 Monthly Salary / Professional fees above 2 years experienced candidates : 20000 - 25000 INR
3.2 Monthly Salary / Professional fees above 4 years experienced candidates : 25000 - 30000 INR
3.2.1 Future increments are based on your technical capability, problem resolution, Utilization of man-days, handling of customer queries and concerns and overall profit generation from the allocated projects.
3.2.2 TDS will be deducted as per India Govt Rules.
3.2.3 Consecutive absences of 4 days including Saturday and Sunday will be considered as leave and salary will be deducted for the total duration.
3.2.4 Login and Logoff timings must be entered in the web portal. The salary will be paid against the attendance.
4 Working from Monday to Friday. Weekly off Saturday and Sunday.
4.1 Work Timing 0900 - 1800. 8 Hours per day. 40 Hours per Week
4.2 Work Time will be monitored via installed software's
4.2.1 Your computer will be monitored from 8 am to 7 pm on all working days including Saturdays.
4.2.2 Candidates can make up the loose of working days / working hours on Saturdays with the permission of team lead.
5 During working hours employees must be accessible at any point of time on Skype, Mobile, WhatsApp & Email (Outlook).
5.1 All incoming calls from clients and team members must be answered on all working days days including Saturdays.
5.2 Candidates are required to maintain the same contact number throughout the tenure.
6 Candidates will be provided domain linked Email ID for communication and the same must be used for Skype and Dropbox and all other related applications. The password should be protected.
6.1 All critical technical matters should be communicated through emails only. Avoid verbal communication.
6.2 All internal communication via Skype and WhatsApp and Outlook application.
7 Job Responsibilities.
7.1 Develop optimization strategies that increase the company's search engine results rankings
7.2 Research SEO keywords to use throughout the company's website
7.3 Set measurable goals that demonstrate improvement in marketing efforts
7.4 Monitor daily performance metrics to understand SEO strategy performance
7.5 Write compelling and high-quality website content, including blog posts
7.6 Update content and website links for maximum optimization and search engine rankings
7.7 Complete projects on time-based on the instructions. Report to Team Lead & Project Head.
8 Job Requirements.
8.1 Must have a pre-loaded office, antivirus, Skype and PDF-reader on a latest windows PC. The quality of sound and video needs to be good.
8.2 Candidates work place should have access to minimum 4 Mbps Data UPLOAD speed.
8.3 All documents must be developed in the cloud. Weekly scanning for antivirus.
8.4 Any unwanted programs which disturb the performance of the computer should be avoided.
8.5 Two to five years of experience in successfully developing and executing SEO campaigns.
8.6 Understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking methods.
8.7 Experience with SEO industry programs, such as Google Analytics.
8.8 Knowledge of keyword research and data mining tools.
8.9 Familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems.
9 Management Requirements.
9.1 Candidates must inform about proposed leaves in advance for the smooth planning and scheduling the internal activities.
9.2 Candidates must intimate at least 45 days prior intimation about career change / Resignation.
9.3 Candidates must voluntary resign from the position if unable to (a) login and logoff on time, (b) Disturbance at home that affects the quality of work and team meeting. Such candidates must resign the post within 2 weeks.
9.4 Management has the right to terminate (a) if the candidates does not understand the job responsibilities during the adaptation period (b) frequent absence (c) poor quality of work (d) poor time management
10 Applicant Declaration.
10.1 Myself willing to work in the organization and would like to be a part of I3CGLOBAL team for a minimum period of 2 years from the date of joining at my present capacity and family circumstances.