We are Consultants and US Agents helping companies register there Food facilities with US FDA

Readers are requested to read more about US FDA and the regulation before starting the activities.

Registration of Food Facility with FDA is a simple 4 step activity. The following are the steps





Re-confirm the Facility Address and Identify food products for US export/Import.

followed by fill and submit the Application Form Online

349 USD


US Agents will verify the submit filled application form and resubmit to FDA authorities on the same day after receipt of payment.

Most of the working days FDA Registration will be completed in couple of hours. We also submit the soft copy of the Certificate.



Start Export by filling the Prior Notice

25 USD


Make sure the product Label complies with FDA regulation

649 USD

Make sure you renewed the US Agent service every 12 months

349 USD

Payments accepted from any part of the world

USFDA Food Facility Registration

BILLING / PAYMENT assistance write to


Frequently asked Questions

1. What are the documents to be submitted along with application form?

No documents required to submit along with application form.

2. When can we expect FDA authorities Inspection after Registration?

No possibility of Immediate audit. In case the quality of the exported item is bad or any human injury, FDA will inspect the premise. Random audit also possible anytime.

3. How much is the FDA fees?

USFDA is not charging any fees for Food Establishment Registration.

4. When FDA registration to be renewed?

Once in two years

5. Is US Agent Fees to be paid annually? What is the fee

Yes, The US Agent fees to be paid annually. The fees is 300 USD.

6. What you mean by expert guidance? For how long?

Experts from our company will help you to fill after understanding your product and packing. Guide you each section by section to avoid any mistake. Our support ends only after receipt of 11 digit FDA Registration Number and US Agent FDA Certificate.

7. How long the Label review will take? Is the payment to be made in advance?

Minimum 7 days . The review time depends on the coordination between consultants and client team. Full payment in advance.

8. Does your company help for Canned Foods, Alcoholic beverages, Tobacco, Acidified Foods?


9. Does your company provide legal assistance with US Customs?

No. We are US Agents, Technical and Regulatory Consultants.

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