US FDA Certificate

FDA Certificate

Manufactures, Exporters and Traders across the globe are curious to have an US FDA Certificate in the name of the company. But this is not possible. US FDA will not issue any kind of FDA Certificate to any kind of organization other than domestic manufacturing companies.

FDA Export Certification

Domestic firms exporting products from the United States are often asked by foreign customers or foreign governments to supply a "FDA certificate" for products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A FDA Certificate is a document prepared by FDA containing information about a product's regulatory or marketing status.

FDA Certification generally means companies registered with USFDA often are asked by their customers and suppliers to verify their US  FDA registration number and registration validity date especially in the case of Food manufactures & exporters.

We US Agents and Consultants issue FDA Certificate which serves as a third-party confirmation of your US FDA registration status.  This will not be considered as FDA Certificate and does not have any legal validity nor US FDA recognize this Certificate of registration issued.

To obtain a US FDA Certificate of Registration please write to us.

Our Fees is 449 USD. We will send the certificate in 12 hours time in working days.

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No. It is not legal and FDA will not recognize the certificate.

Its just a proof that your FDA is not charging any fees towards FDA Food Bioterrorism act registration. We are charging the fees for acting as your US Agent. Our Fees is same all time.

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