How to design a Schedule M / GMP complied facility?

The Schedule M / GMP complied facility is designed with the help of an experienced consultant like I 3 Consulting keeping the following things in mind

  • Facility layout would best be able to handle maximum projected demand for 10 years into the future
  • More accurate prediction of the quantity, positions and cost
  • Close adjacency of the QC/QA laboratory to all operations
  • Manufacturing process, material, personnel and equipment flow patterns
  • Provide a visitor viewing gallery through the plant which maximizes visibility
  • Measures to avoid contamination
  • Good access control of process personnel to production areas
  • Suitable materials flow around the facility
  • Adequate space for operations
  • Easy cleaning – Floors, Walls etc
  • Segregate areas for raw materials, in process staging areas and final products
  • Segregate different production suites involving different classes of products
  • Closed operations where possible
  • Ensure an orderly flow direction
  • Provide distinct staging areas if required between process steps
  • Provide cleanable production suites
  • Provide suitable environments for controlled areas where products are processed / stored
  • Facility should be able to handle a wide range of product demand scenarios
  • Operation times/process rates

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