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Clinical Evaluation Report SOP & Templates

We thanks to our regulatory team for releasing the Clinical Evaluation SOP & templates to medical device fraternity. Hundreds of companies so far benefited with ready to use, customizable word files for online purchase from September 2019 onwards.  Team I3CGLOBAL is very confident about the quality of documents sold  as per MDR article 64 and MEDDEV 2.7/1 Rev. 4.


Customers can think about purchasing the documents during the preparation or up-gradation of MDR Technical Documentation or Clinical Evaluation Report. All templets are reasonable priced and sure for value for money.

Clinical Evaluation Report SOP / mandatory Procedures

Clinical Evaluation Plan : 300 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-11/R2-10/19

Identification of Pertinent Data : 150 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-12/R2-10-19

Literature search and Review : 350 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-13/R2-10-19

Appraisal of Clinical Data : 150 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-14/R2-10-19

Demonstration of Equivalence : 150 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-15/R2-10-19

Analysis of Clinical Data : 150 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-16/R2-10-19

Development of Clinical Evaluation Report : 250 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-17/R2-10-19

EN ISO 13485:2016 Clinical Evaluation : 100 USD

Procedure ID : I3C-CER-18/R1-10-19

Clinical Evaluation Report Templates

Clinical Evaluation Plan : 300 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-11/R3-10/19

Data retrieved from Manufacturer : 50 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-12/R1-10-19

Literature search and Review Plan : 100 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-13/R2-10-19

Literature search and Review Report : 150 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-14/R2-10-19

Clinical Data Appraisal Plan : 150 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-15/R2-10-19

Appraisal of pertinent Data : 100 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-16/R2-10-19

Demonstration of Equivalence : 100 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-17/R2-10-19

Analysis of Clinical Data : 100 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-18/R1-08-19

Clinical Evaluation Report : 450 USD

Template ID : I3C-TEM-19/R3-10-19


The files are NOT Auto downloadable. On receipt of payment intimation you will send a link to the email ID provided. This may happen anytime between 1-5 hours. ( Saturday & Sunday expect more delays)


In case of any delay in receiving the download link, please write to with fund transaction details. We will take Immediate action to solve your concern!

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