New 2014 EU Commission Requirements Impacting CE Certification Lead Times by European Notified Bodies

12th March 2015

I 3 CONSULTING is on tremendous pressure from our existing clients and new clients awaiting CE Certification. Manufacturers waiting for recertification and certification extension also affected by the New EU Commission Requirements towards Notified Bodies which Impacts CE Certification Lead Times .

We humbly request all our clients around the Globe, to understand the situation and wait for the good. We monitor and update the status as and when available.

We always get the reply from Notified Bodies when contacted seeking CE Marking

  • unable to take on new clients for the time being.
  • currently not providing quotations for CE Marking services to new clients,
  • while other Notified Bodies have quoted lengthy lead times for new CE Mark clients.
  • And some notified Bodies say “lack of capacity to take on new clients”


The major reason we feel are the following.

  • The unannounced audits requires devoting considerable man-days of auditors
  • Notified Bodies have to allocate a significant number of staff to address unannounced audits
  • Number of Technical Files accumulate for review during the past many months
  • The higher rates of staff jumping at Notified Bodies affecting their ability to audit and certify clients.

Bobby Sebastian, Senior QCI approved Consultant at I 3 CONSULTING, says it may take a while for Notified Bodies to get their lead times back to normal.

Mr. Bobby Sebastian

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