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1 thought on “Sufficient Clinical Data

  1. 1. Yes, for above mentioned devices, clinical evaluation is based on sufficient clinical data.
    Sufficient clinical data defined as data related to the safety, performance and side effects of the medical devices as per its intended use from the clinical trials conducted on humans for the subject device, similar device or equivalent devices.
    Sources of sufficient clinical data includes
    1. Published data
    • Scientific Literature Database
    • COCHRANE CENTRAL Trial Register
    • PDQ Evidence
    • TRIP
    • Google Scholar
    • FDA
    • Clinical
    • Prospero international prospective register of systematic reviews
    • Manufacturer website
    2. Non-published data
    • Label and IFU
    • Implant Registries information
    • Data presented in Congresses

    2. Yes, there should be adequate justification if clinical data not deemed to require for the demonstration of conformity with the GSPR and product not coming under point 1.7.
    As per clause 10, Justification should be based on the consideration of the specifics of the device and the human body interaction, the intended clinical performance, manufacturer’s claims and risk management results.
    In this case post marketing studies or PMS given weightage for the devices that are already in market.

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